In 1927, there were over 500,000 sheep in the Willamette Valley. Now there is an estimated 70,000 sheep in the valley.

There has been declining sheep numbers in the USA. since 1948.With the declining sheep numbers the processors have consolidated more.

There is only one major lamb processor on the West Coast in Dixon, Ca.

Half the lamb sold now is from New Zealand and Australia.

Most U.S.A. lamb is trucked thousands of miles to feedlots in Colorado and fed grains.

The Anderson family built Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC so that we could have USDA inspections on our own farm processing.

Only wild steelhead salmon have more Omega 3's than Anderson Ranches grass fed lamb, compared to other proteins.

Oregon grass fed lamb has always been a premium product sold in the USA.


The Anderson Family

The Anderson's have been raising Oregon grass fed lamb for 5 generations.

Employee of the Year
Of all our border collies and guard llamas one stands out as "employee of the year": "Samuel"

He's friendly to all customers, works hard and is available 24/7. Always eager to work and will work for food !

Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing Brownsville, Oregon - Humane Handling

Temple Grandin- Expert in Humane Handling and Facility Design

As an authority in the field of humane handling, we designed our facility based on her recommendations and follow her established and proven methods for recommended stunning.

- We Follow the Best Standards Methods for Humane Handling as established by Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin